The Ball Brothers Band is a foot-stompin', hard-rockin' cover band based in and around the Bethel, Maine area. The Ball Brothers Band plays 70s style rock-n-roll, and other tasty treats, with an attitude that says "this is the road we walk." They make you feel like you're an old friend, part of some inside-joke with a rock-n-roll punchline. They have been friends and played together for decades.

When the Ball Brothers start rockin' you'll know it's for real, these boys have racked up some hard-mileage. This group of working men met in the early-1980s, hanging out at area hotspots, swiping roaches, drinking beers and begging their local guitar-slingers to "teach 'em some licks." They hit it off immediately.
"Are these guys from right around here?" is a question that still makes 'em grin.

The Ball Brothers Band is comprised of Kenny Howard (lead guitar), Clay Abbott (bass), Joe Doucette (drums) and area solo-artist Brad Hooper (vocals).

What sets this band apart from the pack is the raw nature of their abilities and talent. The Ball Brothers Band are all self-taught musicians, not much fancy music talk with these boys. They know it when they feel it and so do their audiences. It is very plain to see they love hanging out, jamming for their friends and laughing at the world. 

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